Memories of Bosco

Did you know I used to have my own show on the Telly on RTÉ? Here are some memories I'd like to share with you.

The Intro Theme Tune to Bosco

Visiting the Lions at Dublin Zoo through The Magic Door

Bosco Sings This Is Where I Live

Bosco Sings This Is Where I Live
  1. Bosco's Theme
  2. This Is Where I Live
  3. Shoes, Stockings and Laces
  4. See Me Sail
  5. Where Do You Live?
  6. The Big Tree Sways
  7. I Am A Bandsman
  8. Windy Day
  9. Double Bubble Trouble
  10. The Shadow Song
  11. Mirror Mirror
  12. I'm Painting
  13. Food, Food, Food
  14. The Boy Who Had A Balloon
  15. Busy Bumble Bee
  16. The Ball of String
  17. Ring-A-Ding-Dong
  18. Saw Saw Saw
  19. Ronnie the Rhino
  20. Paper Paper
  21. Bosco's Theme

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